EconomySolutionsLift All Dreamers: A Vision for Small Business and Jobs

My dad built a small business that lifted our family and community. That’s the power and dignity of work.
We can make California the Small Business Capital of the World.
We can make our government an incubator for visionaries of all walks of life.
We can invest in building a green path for all industries, trades, and careers. We can lift our Small Businesses with resources, less red tape, and incentives.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Create a state-funded bank that invests and finances ventures started by ignored communities, like women, immigrants, and Black and brown founders, and startups trying to solve challenges in housing, healthcare, or education
  • Expand paid family leave to 16 weeks for companies larger than 50 employees, partially paid by employers who currently don’t pay into the Paid Family Leave fund
  • Invest in creating green jobs in our “building block” industries: steel, cement, glass, paper, and agriculture
  • Advocate for gig worker’s rights through a new classification for independent contractors who work for tech companies
  • Grants for small businesses to digitize their presence, operations, and marketing
  • Remove burdensome and unnecessary hurdles for people starting a personal business, like hair stylist or insulation installer
  • Investing in working communities by offering trade schools scholarships, apprenticeships, and awareness

Make California the Small Business Capital of the World

I’m the son of a small business owner who still hustles for a sale to this day. I know first-hand the grit and pride that goes into your own business. I know how a business run by one of our own can lift an entire community. I want to make California the go-to destination for anyone, anywhere, who wants to start a small business that enriches its neighborhood.

A barber needs 10x more hours and thousands more dollars to get certified than an EMT. Most small businesses don’t have an infrastructure that is ready to compete in the 21st century. These are roadblocks that get in the way of a small business owner and their dreams.

California recently approved public banks, which are beholden only to its people. It is time to create a state-run public bank, one to follow the model of the very successful in North Dakota. This bank would invest in ventures, particularly from women, immigrant, and BIPOC founders who typically get left out, and offer interest-free loans to startups building solutions to our biggest social challenges.

Fund ALL Visionaries and Builders

If you are not a well-funded male from Harvard, it’s very hard to find funding for your bright idea. Everyone with a vision to build should be given an opportunity to do so. California can attract dreamers of all walks of life.

Modern Parental Leave for a Modern Workforce

The bond between a new child and a new parent forms a life. Parents need more than 12 weeks off and they need more than half pay during their leave. Today, only the state pays for this leave. We can do better. All parents must have the chance to be with their little ones for at least 4 months at full pay. This is not only good for the child but for the parent’s paycheck, health, and prosperity.

Green Economy for All

We are leading the way and setting the vision for all states. Which is why we must be bolder and invest in research and development to move all industries farther along the green path, invest in education that gives kids green economy skills, and clearly inform us about its impact.

All Working Families Deserve a Path to the Middle-Class

People are working hard in our schools, hotels, and bookstores, but it is not enough. For most of my career I felt like I was walking a tightrope, where one wrong step means disaster. I got lucky, most people don’t. We need to even the odds and spur massive economic growth.

Job training centers wherever they are needed. Trade schools and apprenticeships must be available and affordable to everyone. All employees must be treated fairly, regardless of how they file their earnings. It will create a thriving economy for all.

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