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Everyone in California needs housing safety and a path to the middle-class. Our communities becomes richer when more people can get good jobs and homes.
We can modernize our house building process to offer more working families paths to economic prosperity and wealth.
We can take out tax loopholes that are hurting today’s home owners and tomorrow’s home buyers.
We can ensure everyone can expect housing security.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Update zoning codes to include duplexes in small towns, triplexes in mid-size towns, and fourplexes in cities and major suburbs. Municipalities would be opted in to these codes. Developers would in these upzoned areas would get streamlined environmental reviews and subsidized impact fees; municipalities would receive increased infrastructure funding per home built.
  • Make property owned by big business or hedge funds pay a higher tax rate than what a working family pays for their home
  • Bold expansion of rental and housing payment financial assistance so housing is treated like unemployment insurance and food insecurity programs like CalFresh
  • Amend the CEQA so it is focused on its original focus: protecting the environment and public health, not the agenda of trade groups or NIMBYs
  • Track outcomes of prevention, diversion, supporting, and follow-through programs for those experiencing homelessness to invest in best-in-class interventions
  • Give people experiencing homelessness comprehensive mental health support, job skill training, substance use guidance, and non-discriminating housing options
  • Increase investment in subsidizing landlords who rent to low-income families

Zoning To Spark Economic Growth

For California to become the land of opportunity again it needs to update its zoning codes. To give people an opportunity to get high-paying jobs and become upwardly mobile we must modernize how our neighborhoods are built. All cities and major suburbs must have more flexible zoning codes, and be incentivized to go further. More housing means more opportunity to prosper.

Ensure Housing for All

Rent control is not a lasting solution. It leads to gentrification and housing prices hikes. But millions of families are still on the edge of losing it all, barely affording their housing and little else.

We offer unemployment and food assistance when people fall on hard times, so let’s do the same for their home. Any worker who pays more than 30% of their income on housing is on the brink of disaster. The state can step in and offer substantial temporary relief and help them fend off a dangerous domino effect.

Fix Prop 13 the Smart Way

Prop 13 was approved over 40 years ago when inflation and property values were unpredictable. We are in a different world today. Prop 13 helps long-time homeowners and private equity, who can keep and hold a property for very little. But it makes it nearly impossible for a working class family or young professional to afford a path to the middle class. When Warren Buffet pays less property tax on a mansion than a family does for a modest home, something is very wrong.

We can’t repeal it because that will throw millions of families who are barely able to afford their housing into a tailspin. Instead, we can fight to change it. Big business commercial real estate and land owned for institutional investors (like hedge funds) must have a different, higher, tax bracket. This could nearly triple funding for schools, roads, working class relief, and parks every year, without changing the math for any family owning a home today.

Break the Homelessness Cycle

My parents rallied our barrio every year to feed the homeless and offer a free haircut to anyone who wanted one. This is one of the reasons why I partnered with a local non-profit who helps people without a home and raised enough resources to give dozens of families a welcoming home for good.

Over 150,000 people are sleeping on a cold sidewalk tonight. The greatest symptom of our vast inequality is on display every day in most of our downtowns. To do what’s right we must not only ask them what they need, rather than blindly prescribing them what they don’t. And we must get to the root of it by investing in financial assistance for people teetering on the verge of eviction or foreclosure.

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