PeopleSolutionsA Generous Path To Care: A Vision for Healthcare

To revolutionize healthcare we need a modern system that prioritizes outcomes, transparency, and flexibility.
We can create affordable paths to healthcare for all.
We can increase transparency and efficiency to take out the bloated cost.
We can make fund managed care plans like MediCal by how well they create healthy communities.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Revamp the funding formula for MediCal, so it is funded on performance and outcomes, not on people served
  • Radical price transparency on the majority of procedures that are common 
  • Scrutinize the healthcare delivery chain to eliminate unnecessary middlemen who inflate costs for everyone
  • Immediately open a path to universal healthcare by offering a subsidized opt-in option for Medicaid for the uninsured

Modernize and Expand the System

Years ago I fractured my toe so badly that it was always swollen and sometimes bled through my sock. I was on my feet all day, which made the pain excruciating. But since I couldn’t afford health insurance it stayed that way for 2 years.

Health care is one of the biggest cost in many families. Even with Obamacare and Medicaid there are 7% of Californians who don’t have any coverage. This soaring cost is largely due to a veiled pricing chain and a lack of a true public option.

My uncle (in medical school in the picture above) was a beloved doctor who loved everything about his work, except the bloated system he worked in. We must take middlemen who only inflate the cost of care and demand transparency from insurers and healthcare systems. The system’s bloat is felt by families through massive out-of-pocket costs. It would also improve the quality care the most vulnerable rely on.

A public-option is the ultimate goal. For now we have nearly 3 million Californians are left without any health option. So we need to be swift and bold by offering an affordable option that works: Medicaid. A buy-in option would lower premiums by a third. For any families that struggle to pay that we can offer state-funded subsidies.

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