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I will not accept a penny of corporate PAC money. Leaders work for people, not profit and loss statements.
We can make all donations, votes, and spending trackable by all voters.
We can fund working class candidates to represent their neighborhoods.
We can invest in making California’s government as innovative as its people.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Full transparency on donations, donors, and affiliations of all political non-profits
  • Fund working class candidates who are backed by their community with free air time and resources
  • Publish an annual report card that details how your taxes were spent, how your representatives vote, and what new laws got passed
  • Modernize government to be more responsive, transparent, and prepared

Sunlight on all Dark Money

If a person or company donates to a non-profit affiliated with a party or candidate you’ll never know it happened. This is called dark money and it is creating a new, untraceable, channel for powerful special interests to demand allegiance from our elected officials. It’s a blank check with no paper trail.

To make democracy live up to its ideals we must disclose all big money donations. I will not be in anyone’s pocket, so I pledge to accept a penny of corporate PAC money. Leaders work for people, not profit and loss statements.

Giving power to the disenfranchised

Nearly all elected officials fall into an obvious trend. Most of them are White, male, but nearly all of them come from money. They had money to finance their ticket to power, or tapped their well-funded network to get them there. The system hates upstarts from working class neighborhoods with little wealth and few deep-pocket connections.

To have a truly representative democracy we must acknowledge the inherent disadvantage for any working class candidate who wants to represent their community. We need to fund and support working class candidates so they can share their story and have a chance to lead.

Bringing Democracy to the 21st Century

The pandemic has made one thing clear: the most innovating economy in the world is woefully unprepared for a crisis. Government is dated, works in silos, and with modem-era technology. This is why we can only solve yesterday’s problems today. We need private-public partnerships to update our state’s toolkit and resources, and investments in integrating our government so it runs more efficiently for each of us.

Other Important Issues:




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