Solutions21st Century Education from Cradle to Career: A Vision for Education

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We need to reward our educators like nation builders, fund our schools with generosity, and expect a 21st century education from cradle to career.
We can close the achievement gap between rich and poor students.
We can make California a leader in education.
We can offer free paths to college and trade school for working families.
We can reward educators like nation builders in word and deed.
Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Free Pre-K for low and mid-income families, and affordable child care for working parents
  • Funding the careers of teachers through certification grants and service scholarships
  • Free public college for low-income, and service scholarship for mid-income students who serve their communities in education, government, or non-profit for one year
  • Committing to be in the top 10 states on spending/pupil by 2025 (we’re currently #21)
  • Mandating all secondary education institutions to offer clear and accessible return-on-debt information to all prospective students per major and department, in particular for-profit colleges considering their reputation
  • Promoting trade schools and apprenticeships as an alternative path to a middle-class lifestyle
  • Investing in centers of excellence for educators to share best practices, and comprehensive tracking of outcomes across grades to find innovative solutions that work

Closing the achievement gap between the rich and poor

One of the most un-American facts is that your zip code is destiny. The difference in education between a poor student and a rich one is obscene. It creates a gap that ripples across their lifetime. It’s so pervasive that a college degree only offers half of the earnings if you came from a poor neighborhood.

To turn the tide we need to start early and never let up. High quality education must be early, secondary education affordable, and non-traditional options, like trade schools and apprenticeships, plentiful.

Education as a top priority, always

My parents told me growing up, “We can’t leave you much. Your education will be your inheritance.”

In Sacramento, though, education struggles to keep its funding or much less get what it needs. Prop 13 is to blame, but so is the rising cost of living, which makes a teacher’s healthcare and fixes to decaying classrooms more expensive each year.

Education is the best accelerator to our state’s prosperity. Let’s set an ambitious goal to be one of the most well-resourced education systems in the country.

A career driven by passion not credit terms

High quality education is easy to find when you can afford it. For the rest of us, it gets harder the farther you go. You may not afford to pursue your dream, because it’s too expensive to thrive.

In 2021 having a college degree is like a high school diploma 50 years ago. Public colleges and trade schools must be free for all low-income families. If middle-income students want a free education, they can have it as long as they serve their community. They can do so by tutoring low income kids, using their talents to improve government, or boosting the impact of non-profits. Everyone else can pay their own way.

We also need secondary education institutions to disclose earning-to-student debt information, especially for-profit schools.

Rewarding and recognizing educators

My wife has been an educator for nearly a decade. I spent years working in education, and continue to support many organizations who help close the achievement gap. I believe educators are our nation builders. After family and peers, teachers shape a child’s life forever.

It’s time we reward and recognize our educators with generous grants to complete their certification, offer stipends so they can live near their work, create an ecosystem of constant development, and offer career paths to paraprofessionals.

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