CampaignEconomySolutionsRelief Today & a Re-Imagined Tomorrow: A Vision for COVID Relief & Recovery

We need two-generation solutions: the address today’s pain and root out the problem to have a better tomorrow.
We can create a long-term strategy to regain learning loss, lost income, and close yawning inequities.
We can get California ready for the next crisis or that which we have yet to imagine.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Offer monthly vouchers for one year to be used with small businesses in California to help lift people out of poverty and small businesses at the same time
  • Public summer camps for the next five years to recuperate some of the learning loss
  • Tax credits for businesses that create apprenticeships and internships for high school students in low-income neighborhoods (Classroom to C-Suite)
  • Grants for small businesses to digitize their business operations, presence, and marketing
  • Increased investment in after-school funding to regain some of the learning loss

Build Back Generously

I’m witnessing the scars of COVID in the low-income students that are struggling to keep up. I partner with organizations that are trying to bridge the achievement gap, but the gap has become a chasm over the last year. A learning loss that will ripple across a lifetime.

Women are leaving the work force because of the grueling demands a working woman that no one else experiences.

Nearly half of Black businesses have shuttered for good.

Working class families are losing the most jobs, most income, and most wealth. They also have skills exclusive to the most vulnerable industries in a post-pandemic world.

There’s more. We don’t quite yet know the extent of how this will change a generation. Which is why we can’t be meek, but bold. We have to aggressively and generously build back California.  We only get one chance to emerge from a crisis stronger than before.

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