EconomySolutionsClimate Change: Bold Stewardship for our Planet

Our planet, our environment, and our natural resources are in a state of crisis. This is the biggest challenge we can’t afford to forget.
We can create a Green Economy that creates health, wealth, and community.
We can power our building block industries with by clean energy and sustainability.
We can ensure our climate goals are tracked with transparency and measured with accountability.


Jaime’s Ideas:
  • Update all existing building to be powered with clean energy, and help more cities only build green buildings
  • Power our ports (some of the busiest in the world) with clean energy
  • Set high standard for our current green economy programs and enforce them. Unfortunately some of them are being “gamed” by big businesses.
  • Make housing density a part of the issue because without it we will encroach on nature and protected land

A Green California Economy Forever

We are seen as leaders in our climate change fight across the country. And while we are doing some things well, there is so much more we can do! This an issue that we can’t sleep on. I know that whatever we do will not just impact us, but the entirety of our children’s lives.

We must do more to make every corner of our economy green and clean: our buildings (those already built and those to be built) must be powered by clean energy; our ports must be energized in a sustainable way; and companies that produce glass, cement, and plastic must continue to modernize their operations to save our planet.

We must create buffers between schools, homes, and sensitive communities and polluters.

We must ensure our climate change initiatives are effective, because many of them are already being abused by polluters and big business.

And we must be more vocal about the work we are doing through transparent reporting, clear information, and engaging civic involvement.

Dense housing and housing that is near transit is not only crucial to create paths to the middle class, but it also make sure our people don’t have to commute for hours in order to own a home or a job that pays well.

Other Important Issues:




Good Government and Campaign Finance

Small Business and Jobs

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

COVID-19 Relief and Recovery


Climate Change

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