Meet Jaime


A Story of Hope, Hard work & Helping Hands

Degrees in Politics & Business

Proud Mexican Immigrant

Small Business Leader

Community Advocate

Jaime grew up in Mexico and watched his dad build a small business and his mom advocate for her community in local politics. He came to America at 17 by himself. He went to school during the day and mopped floors at night. Even by working over 45 hours a week he barely scraped by.

He graduated from St. Mary’s College in Moraga. There he led the first-ever political club on campus, and earned the most prestigious award by the Political Science faculty.

He was a community organizer for Senator Barack Obama’s first presidential run. He has also organized for Joe Tuman, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Joe Biden.

He is on the Board of Citizen Schools, a non-profit leader in after-school programs for low-income students, who fosters 21st century skills in thousands of kids each year.

He is an advocate that has mobilized resources for Bay Area Community Services (non-profit that helps thousands of people experiencing homelessness), Ruby’s Place (non-profit that helps domestic violence survivors and their children), and the National Immigration Law Center.

He mentors first-generation college students, youth starting their careers, and social impact entrepreneurs, through organizations like Students Rising Above, The BizWorld Foundation, and The Small Business School Challenge.

He graduated from The Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. There he led a team to raise a record number of donations to increase the number of Black, brown, and female students in the program. His also led a team that was recognized by the US Chamber of Commerce for their idea on how to make businesses better stewards of their community.

During his career, he has helped school districts teach 21st century skills at early grades. He helped expand the footprint of one of the leading progressive schools in the country. He was a small business executive that helped FORTUNE 500 companies build people-first companies. And he’s donated his time to help hundreds of people become great leaders, and run job hunting workshops for free.


Early Life

Jaime grew up in Mexico in a working class neighborhood. His father runs a small business and the entire family has always pitched in. His mother is a community organizer, who has fed the incarcerated, cut hair for the homeless, and taught adults to read and write. His sister advocates for community college students to get the financial aid they need.

Mexico is a beautiful country with serious problems. Jaime saw vicious inequality there. Mercedes parked in front of women starving. Law enforcement hired as security for the wealthy. A destiny determined by your last name. Moving up was not a dream, it was a fantasy.

At 17 he left Mexico, alone, for America. For years he was in the working poor in America. He worked until exhaustion, yet often couldn’t pay for housing, food, or healthcare. During the great recession he was laid off and had to sleep on living room floors just to stay in the Bay Area.



Through hustle, hope, and the help of his friends and family, Jaime now helps people who, like him, struggled to survive.

Jaime is a principled small business leader. He advocates for educators so our kids can thrive. He advises non profits that are helping thousands of low-income students prosper in California. He helps FORTUNE 500 companies build people-first businesses. He organizes people to have a voice in the democratic process, which started when he organized for Senator Obama’s first presidential run. He mobilizes people and resources to help people experiencing homelessness, survivors of domestic violence, Black and brown youth in need of mentorship, and the undocumented. He is blessed to be able to serve his community.



Jaime believes we can solve our biggest challenges together. We all want a brighter future.

He believes government should answer to all of its people, not just the well-funded. That is why he will never accept a penny of corporate money.

He has a vision to break the poverty cycle in California in our lifetime.

He has a vision so everyone can have a world-class education that teaches 21st century skills from cradle to career.

He has a vision to reform our institutions and build up our communities.

He knows what struggle and scarcity feel like. That’s why he wants to fight the good fight for working people across our community.


Family, Service, and Progress

Jaime is married to a brilliant lifelong educator and is the father of a sweet and curious boy. They are his world. Like most of us, he wants to make this world better for them.

Jaime lives his life by this rule: If his son read about what he did, would it make him proud? Would it inspire his son to help others, too?

Jaime believes that we can make progress on the most difficult challenges if we work together and for each other. We have unique paths to common dreams.

These are the values he’ll bring to Sacramento for District 10.

Our campaign is 100% people-funded. No corporate PAC money.

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